Parents Association

Parents Association


Kipsigis girls is replete with rich and long history. It was the first Girls’ school to be established in the southern Riftvalley.It was the only Girls High school admitting A-level students in the larger Kericho in 1970s and 1980s.The school was ranked among the best nationally. The school’s alumni therefore boasts of many prominent women in this country and beyond. However the school had an interlude of average academic results after the introduction of the 8.4.4 education system.

In recent years the school has picked up the broken pieces and emerged to reclaim its past glory and even move to the top nationally. I give gratitude to visionary leadership of the Board of Management, Parents Association, School Administration, Committed teaching and non-teaching staff, disciplined students and other stakeholders. Presently there is a concerted effort to give the girl child quality and holistic education. The national Government has given impetus to this goal by making the institution a National School. I call upon all the stakeholders help the school measure to its new status.

There has been steady multifaceted development of the school. The school is steadily progressing in academics. We believe the current Form Fours christened “Queens of Excellence” will shutter 10.0 mean point barrier. The girls have been performing well in varied co-curricular activities. I give gratitude to teachers, non-teaching staff and students for their concerted efforts. Physical development has been maintained to address the increased student population as well as providing quality services. The school has completed a Science Complex Block and residential houses for non-teaching staff. A massive Multipurpose Hall project is in progress. I thank all parents for contributing to this project and call on them to continue giving support to its completion.

Despite all this progress, the school is faced with challenges in water provision, sewerage facilities, Resource Center, Dormitories and housing for the school administration. But trusting God, I believe all our efforts will conquer the challenges. May God bless all of you as we work together for the good of our school.





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