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Kipsigis Girls History

Kipsigis Girls High School History

Kipsigis Girls is a school which endeavors to pursue strategies and programmes aimed at fulfilling our mandate and contribution towards empowering the girl –child.

Our sterling performance has given us the pride and confidence to continue giving quality education, thanks to the keen sense of team spirit, determination and a shared vision.

Kipsigis Girls School started in 1955 as an African Girls Boarding school with one stream of classes (5-8). The total enrollment was one hundred and forty pupils. In 1965, two years after independence it was elevated to a secondary school having a total of one hundred and twenty students.

In 1970, an ‘A’ level class was started. The first class which was purely an Art class sat their E.A.C.E. in 1971 and was later expanded to two streams.

The Art class did well up to 1986, when the ‘A’ level system was phased out. The 8-4-4 system of education was then introduced and since then we have continued to walk the path of progress as can be witnessed in the steady growth of enrollment and academic performance is currently at an all-time high. The latest means score of the school is 8.89.