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Mathematics has eleven able and dedicated members of the department. The members embrace teamwork, involvement of all stoke holders in crucial decision making, discipline, strict and consistent testing for candidates. The hard work, dedication, personal commitment and collective responsibility is what is behind the success of the department in national examination.

Every Sunday the form four do a speed testing which a complete paper is administered, marked and release on the same day.The wining class takes a trophy. After Sunday service at 10:00am-3:00pm its maths time and the whole school discuss mathematics.

Wednesday lunch hour students are given a quiz of 10minutes which are marked and books returned on the same day.

The students have really embraced mathematics and a positive attitude towards the subject. The slogan ‘MAOMAO BOOSTER’ is what has made the students focused and believe in themselves that it is possible to get A in mathematics.

Mathematics has constantly been improving over the years. The results for the last seven years can be summarized as shown:-

The administration has the department enormous support; this is in terms of moral, financial, social and spiritual support.

The target for mathematics 2014 is 9.3. The members have faith that the target is achievable. Most of all, we embrace God in all we do and not as I say” where leaders advised to lead by example

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Mr. Yegon
Head of Department - Mathematics
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