Humanities Department

Humanities incorporate all disciplines which deal with human part of person. it is the soul developer of self discipline, hard work and moral integrity. Thanks for the united members despite the challenges since department among the largest school.” There is no science beyond human control”.

2014 Subject K.C.S.E Targets

Geography 9.5

C.R.E 11.0

History 10.5

Teacher – we have ten teachers:

  1. John Sigei
  2. Betty Cheruiyot
  3. Maritim
  4. Recho Ngetich
  5. siele
  6. Sianyo
  7. Tonui


We have improve on our department academically by:

  1. Attending subjects contest/symposium
  2. Workshops
  • School has even sponsored some teachers to be trained as exam makers
  1. Subject examiners task have been done
  2. Setting targets for students

Humanities have manifested its prowess because it has allowed several students to

  1. Attain good grades
  2. Professions
  • Help students act as a bridge to go for further education and related degrees

By Sigei John


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