Message from the B.O.M  Chairman.

Chairman B.o.m

The B.O.M Chairman-Mr Nixon Sigey

Kipsigis girls is the oldest girls’ school in the southrift.It has played a prominent role in the education of the girls. Being an old school, it has many challenges, this includes old, dilapidated and inadequate infrastructure, high demand for admission beyond our capacity among others.

I have been the chairman of the Board of Management of the school from December 2011.During my tenure we have improved our infrastructure in the form of a new laboratory complex, graded and sifted to the new playground, renovated and refurbished some dormitories that were put up in 1955 and purchased a new generator. A new dining hall that can accommodate up to 1,200 students is currently under construction and the facility will be the largest in the south rift.

Our mean score has also improved from 8.3 in 2010 to 9.06 in 2013.We intend to improve this score further to be above 11.0 in the next (3) years.

As a board of management we have focused on the future. We intend to put up a new resource centre that will accommodate a library and a computer laboratory, a modern administration block will be put up in addition to a new hostel and more classes to accommodate the increasing student population. All these initiatives will make Kipsigis Girls School of Choice in South Rift success in all endeavours will require the support and goodwill of all stakeholders.

Members of B.O.M

Principal Mrs. Christine Chumba
Chairman Mr Nixon Sigey

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